Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Gabriel

Our Gabriel was born eight years ago today. His birth included a surprise that has now become routine in our family . . . red hair. We were immediately taken with our sweet little boy. His red fuzz of hair glowing in the light of the window. He was a big baby weighing in at 10 lbs. 4 oz. He was a cuddly baby. So sweet. As he grew he definitely showed us (and his brother) that he had no problem wearing the title of "Bossy Britches". We all chuckled at him and his antics. Very soon in his life he showed an enthusiasm for the things of God. He became a believer at the young age of five - and has shown much fruit because of that decision. He is a well rounded little boy, with an interest in music as well as showing talent in sports. He also has a passion to learn about our country's history and the soldiers who fought to keep us free. He is a pleaser. Gabriel is always aiming to please his parents and those around him. He loves his family with fervor. We can see that he will be a loyal husband and father, if God so blesses him. He is truly a delight of a son. He adds a depth to our home. His conscience is one of excellent purity - and is a constant reminder to do right. We are VERY PROUD of him and pray that he continues to grow into the meaning of his name: Man of God.

Happy Birthday Gabriel: We love you so very much and are thankful for you!


Alice said...

Happy Birthday "Baby-ole"!!
We were just watching his newborn home video last week. SO precious.

Whenever I hear his name, I am reminded of Hopie calling him, "Baby-ole" and how everyone in our household started calling him that.

Miss you guys...so much!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! You are truly a blessing to all that know you!!

~the Houston family

Tom and April said...

Happy Birthday Gabe! The Newcombs

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Happy Birthday from the Banks...You have grown into such a handsome little man....

Victoria said...

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