Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

Hi there. Yes. I'm alive. 
Sorry for the lag in blogging. It has truly been one of the busiest seasons in Browning existence. 
There has been MUCH that has taken place - and I promise to recap soon, but for now I will post pictures, because if your like me - that's all you really care about anyway.

We normally have our friend Jenny Savage take our yearly family pictures. She has done so since Ellie was a baby. She has always done such a fantastic job that we never sought out anyone else. However, this year we needed to seek another photographer simply because we now live about three hours away from Jenny. 

We decided to go with another friend who has also been blessed with the talent of photography.  Jamie Fuller of Fultography took our pictures this year. She was a champ - as taking our pictures is no easy task. After having to reschedule due to an epic storm, move to another park, and battle impending rains - I can honestly say we are so pleased and love the results. 

Here are just a few:

We ended up in Gas Works park in Seattle - which is located looking at the city's skyline. If you look you can see the Space Needle in the background. I love that. This city has my heart. It's beautiful and fun to be in. 

Sometimes you just gotta 'pick'. 

This last picture is my favorite. All of my kiddos with their 'sassy faces' on. And all of them looking at the camera - that is incredible! You should have seen Phillip running in and out of the pillars just to get Asher to chill out and look forward. It was hilarious and I'm sure with all the noise and crazy running we were doing to get their attention - that we drew some looks! ;)

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The Potvin Crew said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Love the photos. Love you all! Miss you. Hugs,