Sunday, December 21, 2008

One Small Pie . . . One BIG Mess

Preparing for Thanksgiving always promises much pie making for me. I love it. I love making, smelling, and eating pies. My favorite. However, Phillip says that I cook like an Italian. A whole lotta mess - to get a whole lotta taste. Well - these pictures are self explanatory. Phillip cracked up when he came home one afternoon and found my tummy covered in flour, a whirlwind of a kitchen and one tiny little pecan pie to show for it all. He decided to record it all via camera. I can't help it - that's just the way it happens. I am just thankful he left my flour dusted face out of the picture. It's bad enough that I am standing in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant with a mismatched outfit. Craziness.


Tom and April said... it. If it is any consolation the pie was yummy!!!! Messes can be cleaned up but a good pie cannot everyone make!

Amanda said...

You are so adorable! My husband always has something to say about the mess I make when I am cooking!!

Jenny B. said...

To funny! Love the flour-covered tummy! I am a mess maker, too! I LOOVE to cook, but don't necessarily love the mess. ;) I try to clean as I go to make it a little easier in the end. Oh yes...and I wish we could give you a puppy for Christmas!! :)

Jenny said...

Haha... this post AND your previous one are hilarious!! I love the flour all over the belly... I do the same thing. especially when I'm expecting. Even more so I get all wet when I wash the dishes... so the flour sticks to the wet shirt. Oh, a small price to pay for fresh baked food for our family. I love to make pies also, a lost art in this day that we live in. I love baking. Great photos!

Also loved the photos of Josiah knocking on April's head... that was a fun night! She is a blast.