Friday, December 5, 2008

Wanna Be Mama

Elisabeth is most assuredly the motherly type. She loves babies. She often asks the mothers of infants at church if she can hold their sweet little bundles. She loves to coo back into their faces and snuggle with them. Here she is loving on baby Malachi. I love it. I love that she has that desire that God has given her to nurture. I know that if God allows her to be a mother, she will make a wonderful one. This makes me excited to see how she reacts to our little one due in May. I think she will be tickled pink to be able to hold "her baby." My little Ellie girl is such a sweet and loving child. I praise the Lord for the gift He has given to us in her. She brings us much joy.

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Jenny said...

Awww... so sweet! I don't even remember when these were taken! Isn't it just so very precious how little girls love to mother their "babies"... it is so sweet and such a view of God and creation, I believe. God created each gender with given drives and roles... and it is no more visible than when we see a little baby girl carrying her clutched baby
around the house, loving it and mothering it. Praise the Lord! What a fun surprise it was to see my baby Ki Ki on here!