Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Recent Recital

These snapshots are from a recent recital from earlier this month. Both boys had the opportunity to play in the foodcourt of our local mall. I was quite suprised to see how busy the mall was . . . but this afforded the boys the opportunity to play in front of a larger crowd as well as practice tuning out distractions. They were both a bit nervous - however, I was very proud of them.

I am very thankful for the gift of music that the Lord has allowed for our boys to involve themselves with. I get tearful everytime I watch them play, thinking all the while of how gracious God has truly been to my beautiful family. My cup runneth over . . .


Anonymous said...

I must say, they did a wonderful job! Keep up the great work boys! God can use your talent for His glory!!!


Jenny B. said...

How awesome that they got to play in the mall!! What a great opportunity and fun for them! I am sure they did a fabulous job.