Friday, March 28, 2008

Be sure and drink all your ... GRASS?!?

Yep... that's right - drink it up buttercup! Well, we tried. We tried to be healthy. We tried to juice that grass you see pictured. Let me tell ya, it was GROSS! You see awhile back we truly had the gumption to get healthy! We really wanted to eat well, and all that jazz. We have juiced and still do - but there was one route we had never gone down before. We had seen at juice bars and such people drinking this barley wheat grass juice. We did a little research and found it to be quite healthy. So ... we decided to order a kit and grow our own - with juicing it in mind. Well, my hubby planted and tended to those seeds (not much tending needed). They started to grow really fast. This picture was taken on maybe day 5 or so (it has been awhile). Harvesting time came and in the juicer a handful went. Everyone was waiting for the big event. The Browning Barley Wheat Grass event! Juice was made and poured into glasses. My sister happened to be there that morning. She took a big swig! As she swallowed - I swear the green color of the grass crept up into her face. Her face made the most gruesome look. It twisted as if in horrible pain. Pretty soon, off she went - sprinting to the sink. Once there she spit out the rest in her mouth. She couldn't stop talking about how horrible it was. Even at work, she kept telling people how cruel her brother in law was in making her try and choke down that stuff. She even visited the bathroom to expel the grass from her stomach! Now, I didn't have that happen. However, I can attest to the gross factor. I don't think this is something you should do at home folks. Leave it to the professional juicers. I have a feeling that there will be a wheat grass juicing kit for sale on Craigslist real soon.


Jenny said...

OH MY WORD, that was so hilarious! I'm cracking up in the office picturing your sister.. I almost choked. I wish I could have seen her face? The smell of fresh cut grass is so wonderful... you would think maybe it might not be so bad? I remember when the Harpers juiced their "gremlin juice" (they may still do!)... it was filled with spinach and the like... Mr. Harper and the teenage daughter would bring these huge tupperare drinking containers to church visitation and drink the whole thing! I tried it and for a few sips it's doable. But not a whole quart. :P

Daughter of the King said...

Maybe you can give it to someone who has a cat...they seem to like to chew on stuff like that.
Me, I think I would rather eat asparagus (one of the veggies I hate).....
At least you tried.
I personally think a rib eye steak sounds good right now.

Mrs. Pizo said...

I give you a "A" for trying. I do not think I could have done it at all. Did it smell like grass as you put it to your mouth? That would bring a whole new deffinition to earthy goodness.