Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Goodbye Little Blue Box . . .

Let me explain . . . I keep all of my cold medicines, and what nots in a little blue box for storage. Well, when the flu hit our house like a plague - out came the blue box, it's contents spreading across the counter and becoming a new component of kitchen decor. In it, is an arsenal, ready for fevers, teething, or in this case - near death experiences. I've heard tell all kinds of wive's tales regarding colds, but nothing works like The Browning's Blue Box! When a cough starts to emerge you can hear off in the distance someone rifling through it's contents. Well, having served it's time once again - goodbyes must be said. For the Brownings are on the mend (Thankfully)! So, goodbye little blue box, until we meet again!

Here is a picture of little Ethan and Ellie together sleeping on the couch while they both had fevers. Ellie was given the option of cuddling with various people in the family and she opted to cuddle with her brother. There, they both fell asleep. They are very sweet together. Notice Ethan's rosy cheeks from the fever. We are very thankful to be on the mend and appreciate all the prayers and concern that was expressed. It truly is a nasty flu. We have even changed our mind about getting the flu shot now. We used to think "What's the use?" but now think any protection is worth a shot! (No pun intended!) This one puts you out for awhile. Makes you truly thankful for the simplistic things - like the healthiness of our families that I know I can take for granted on a daily basis, for kleenex with lotion, and . . . you guessed it . . . a little blue box.


Daughter of the King said...

Hooray, for the absence of the blue box......yes you sure do take things for grenated when you are healthy. I just have a little cough left, it's been a LONG week....and all I have had is just ME to take care...You are wonder woman.
btw in my ER visit last night the nurse commented that this years FLU shot was not the right one for the flue that has hit, THEY got it wrong.

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

I heard the same thing...This years flu vaccine was not the right strain...My family is on the mend too!!!Glad to hear your Blessing are on the mend.(((Hugs)))