Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oh...What a day

I was just checking email and the such and ran across these pictures. They were taken in August of 2007 while we went to Westport on a Monday. We had gotten into the habit of going to the beach on Mondays, which is Phillip's day off. We call it our family day, because we like to spend it together. This particular day was spent on the beach - our favorite place to be. I was BIG with Chloe's birth drawing nearer. I snapped this picture of my little Ellie girl. She is absolutely fearless of the water. She loved it. The other picture is of little Ethan (E.T.) losin' his drawers. Isn't it cute? He is always having this problem, but add some saltwater and sand to weigh them down, and it becomes hilarious.
Oh, what a day that was. It brings back wonderful memories of a lazy day spent playing in the surf. I simply cannot wait for that day to repeat itself. The smell of the sea air, the feel of the sand and the sound of the surf crashing against the jetty. HMMM.... love it! We are still currently sick. I have a terrible sore throat and sound like an old lounge singer - so I try and keep quiet. Ellie, Ethan and Chloe girl are battling the fever as well. Please continue to pray for our recovery. I will hopefully download more recent pictures when time, and health permit.


I am truly blessed said...

Hi Charissa. I like your blog...and what fun pictures. We love to be at the beach as well. I am sorry your family is still not feeling well. I will definitely be praying for you guys to recover quickly. There seems to be soooo much going around. Thankfully our family has missed most of the bugs. I am heading home will have to stop by once you are all well. Love ya!!

Daughter of the King said...

Oh Charissa,
What sweet pictures and memories.
I am on day 6, but finally no fever.
This sure has been rough but I know I have it easier than most as I do not have children at home anymore. Hope it is over soon for all of you.

Jenny said...

Love the pictures of the beach.. you know, we never go there! I guess we just think of it as "so far away" and not an easy accomplishable task in one day. You'll have to tell us where you go and how you get there! Is Ellie carrying her shoes?? So cute! That's such a big girl thing to do!! Most kids would just kick them off and run for it! Hope you're all feeling better! We miss you at church!