Thursday, April 17, 2008

Silver Cloud of Promise

Recently we went to the beach . . . yes . . . again. We really enjoy it. It is a fun drive and the Ocean is a place that we both (Phillip and I) have loved since childhood. My father used to take me to the Ocean ALOT! I loved it. I feel instant relaxation when we get there. Little fishing towns are the best. They often have the BEST seafood places tucked in around the piers. Walking along the boardwalk is another favorite of mine. This recent trip is one that I will always remember. We had been praying about a particular thing and this day was when we were expecting to have a firm answer (by the end of the business day). Well, long story short, Phillip and I were feeling a bit anxious and really we shouldn't have, for we both had prayed and given it over to the Lord. The end of the "business day" had encroached upon us, it was past 5:00 pm, we were exceedingly nervous. We were parked right next to the fishing boats - just waiting and talking. Phillip decided that prayer was in order, and our heads bowed - asking the Lord to allow us to have an answer by the end of this Friday afternoon - and asking Him to help us find comfort in Him, to rely on His guidance. More was said during the course of that prayer. When we both said amen . . . the phone rang. It was someone calling to give us an answer to what we were seeking the Lord's guidance on. She was apologizing for the late call, but didn't want Phillip to worry over the weekend and that is why she was calling at the odd time. Phillip hung up the phone and looked at me. We knew it wasn't odd timing, but God's timing. Tears started to well up in both of our eyes. The Lord had shown us, once again, that He is indeed in control. He has promised to not forsake His children. He manifests Himself in ways that are sometimes unexplainable, but just as awesome. I snapped this picture from my car at the very moment that I realized that God was always right there, and had been the whole time - just waiting for us to call on Him for support and guidance. The cloud reminded me of His presence. It is my "silver cloud of promise."


Daughter of the King said...

Wonderful post on trusting the Lord, Charissa.
IT is a lesson we are all learning day by day..sometimes moment by moment..God is so faithful,even when I am not.

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

We serve such an Amazing God!!! What a very Sweet story,I love the fact that you thought to take a picture. That picture will always be a memory of answered prayer.

(((Hugs my Friend))))

Amanda said...

God is good!

Jenny said...

Awww... what a great story! How awesome that the phone rang right when you were done. Praise God. :)

Josh and Cindee said...

Thank you for this post. What a great reminder to let our requests be made known and to give our cares to God. "God is always good"
Bro. John Bishop

Tom & Ape said...

His timing is always so perfect. I loved this blog. Prayer is so powerful, and God so giving when we don't deserve it. I love the picture and the special place it will always hold when you look back upon it. Praise the Lord for His answers.