Monday, April 21, 2008

Bad Hair Day

This is Shep. You know . . . the sixty pounds of love I wrote about in another post. Well, despite the look on his face, he is doing just fine. Here is a recent picture of him after Ellie helped me do his hair. I had just gotten done doing hers when she decided that Shep needed a hair pretty. Poor Shep. He has had to put up with kids for awhile now. Everytime when he thinks that they have finally grown out of that annoying baby stage where they climb all over him and constantly bring him their toys, here we go and mess things up by having another baby! The nerve. He really is a sweet dog, and has been so good with the kids. They love their "Sheppers."

He is getting old now. Gray hair is steadily replacing that black hair that you see pictured. You can see his "old man's beard." He still has some spunk left though. He loves going to the beach and running away from the waves. Below is a picture of him and Phillip racing one another. He has been a great companion these 11 years. (Check out this picture... Phillip is literally not touching the ground!)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Silver Cloud of Promise

Recently we went to the beach . . . yes . . . again. We really enjoy it. It is a fun drive and the Ocean is a place that we both (Phillip and I) have loved since childhood. My father used to take me to the Ocean ALOT! I loved it. I feel instant relaxation when we get there. Little fishing towns are the best. They often have the BEST seafood places tucked in around the piers. Walking along the boardwalk is another favorite of mine. This recent trip is one that I will always remember. We had been praying about a particular thing and this day was when we were expecting to have a firm answer (by the end of the business day). Well, long story short, Phillip and I were feeling a bit anxious and really we shouldn't have, for we both had prayed and given it over to the Lord. The end of the "business day" had encroached upon us, it was past 5:00 pm, we were exceedingly nervous. We were parked right next to the fishing boats - just waiting and talking. Phillip decided that prayer was in order, and our heads bowed - asking the Lord to allow us to have an answer by the end of this Friday afternoon - and asking Him to help us find comfort in Him, to rely on His guidance. More was said during the course of that prayer. When we both said amen . . . the phone rang. It was someone calling to give us an answer to what we were seeking the Lord's guidance on. She was apologizing for the late call, but didn't want Phillip to worry over the weekend and that is why she was calling at the odd time. Phillip hung up the phone and looked at me. We knew it wasn't odd timing, but God's timing. Tears started to well up in both of our eyes. The Lord had shown us, once again, that He is indeed in control. He has promised to not forsake His children. He manifests Himself in ways that are sometimes unexplainable, but just as awesome. I snapped this picture from my car at the very moment that I realized that God was always right there, and had been the whole time - just waiting for us to call on Him for support and guidance. The cloud reminded me of His presence. It is my "silver cloud of promise."

Monday, April 14, 2008

Go See my Chlobug!

Jenny just posted some pics of Chlobug on her blog (she took and edited the pics). Please feel free to go and check them out. They are BEAUTIFUL! There are several pictures. The background colors play with the dress so well. The hairbow I had made, but not special for this dress. It was amazing that it matches so well. My favorite is the one of her laughing. Let me know which one to order for her main pic. Jenny, my hat is off to you my friend (well, I don't typically wear hats, but if I did it'd be off!)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Aunt Amber and ChloBug

Meet Aunt Amber. Aunt Amber and her family are not just family, they are our friends. They are also our neighbors. We live in the same neighborhood. The boys love that! Here she is holding Chlobug. This picture was taken on Easter at my mother -n-law's home. Chloe is holding a little toy pig that Aunt Amber got for her. She loves it and often chews on it's ears. Aunt Amber is always thinking of the kiddos. She often surprises them with little treats (especially the girls). I am thankful for her. She has often been there when I have needed her. I think this is a tender picture and just felt the need to share it. Thank you Aunt Amber for being a wonderful Auntie! We ALL love you!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Trip to the Capitol

A week ago we went as a family to our state's capitol. It was really fun, as well as educational. We simply had a blast! I took alot of pictures of the buildings. Isaac is studying our state's history right now and apart of his studies includes the assignment of completing a journal of information and pictures depicting important places. The inside of the capitol is made with marble (walls, floors, even the water fountains!) It was beautiful! The ceilings were so detailed and carved. There were George Washington seals all over the building. One in the center of the building on the floor which was roped off. We visited the Senate Gallery and the House Gallery. We also visited the State Room, where the Governor holds many special occasion functions. In there Isaac and Gabriel played on a turn of the century grand piano -- WOW! There were red velvet couches and hanging above the two different fireplaces were flags covered in glass. One flag was the very first state flag ever made. The other flag was a very old U.S. flag. We snapped pictures of the Governor's mansion as well. Then we went to the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial. That was impactful as it listed all the names of those lost in that war or those who were missing in action. This was a wonderful field trip. To those homeschoolers out there: don't miss out on doing this!

The picture above is in front of another memorial to the prisoners of war. Below are pictures of the boys playing in the state room (you can see the marble in the background). and of the inside of the dome that you see on the capitol building.

The next picture is of Isaac standing in front of the Vietnam Memorial. The last picture . . . .
. . . . . well, let's just say ole' George may have need of a tissue! (Gotta love my hubby's humor!)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Been playing around

So I have been playing with some software (trying to learn it) and with this picture. Tell me what you think. I am not a computer genius, so this is a challenge. Thanks Jenny for your wisdom!

Cool Kids

Okay folks. Here is MY picture of the cool kids. It seems it's all the rage these days to have a picture of Tom and Ape on your blog. Me, not wanting to be left out - decided to get in on the action. This is a special moment - one in which I won't soon forget.
Just kidding!
They are a dear family and a whole lot of fun. We have had the opportunity to have them at our home with another family every other Friday for bible study. It has been very convicting and I have learned so much about myself in the light of scripture. I will share just one illustration from the book (we are only on chapter 3) - it is very good.
Lessons from a Tea Bag:
When we take a tea bag, place it in a teacup and fill the cup with hot water, the water activates the tea in the bag, unleashing its taste into the water around it. The hot water didn't create the taste; it merely revealed, or drew out, what was already in the bag. This depicts what happens in the human heart. The pressures around us (the unfavorable circumstances, the temptations, and the commands of God to love Him and our neighbor) merely draw out of our heart what is already in it. We cannot blame the hot water for the taste in the cup. The contents of the tea bag determine the flavor of the tea. If we don't like that particular taste, we need to put into the water a bag containing a different kind of tea. Similarly, we cannot shift the blame for any bitterness, anger, despair, deception, cruelty, and so forth that we display when we are under pressure. The pressures merely expose how unlike Christ we really are.
Do you get that? Let it soak in for a moment. It is not the situation - rather how we react (both within and without) to the situation.
I hope that is an encouragement for you to focus on Christ and not your "hot water."

Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Chloe Bug aka Baby Doey

So sweet. So funny. This is my Chloe Bug aka Baby Doey (as Ethan and my hubby call her). She is truly a joy. Her eyes are so sparkly. She loves to cuddle her mama or her daddy. She loves laughing at Ethan's antics. Ellie often rocks her for me. Gabriel and Isaac are very protective of her. She is truly a blessing. I cannot imagine my life without her. I praise the Lord for His allowing us to be parents to such a sweet little girl. To those who raise an eyebrow at the number of children we have . . . how can you look at a sweet face like this one and continue to question? Children are a blessing. They are a gift. I pray that I don't forget that in the day to day grind. I hope that your day tomorrow is filled with sweetness and a realization of the blessings that God has provided in your life.

I have been tagged....lovely!

My dear friend Jenny has tagged me. I have never experienced this before. Must be a blog thing. I was suppossed to grab the nearest book, flip to page 123 and write out 5th sentence. Well, I am going to play fair - not cheat like she did. (Jenny do you really have that book sitting next to your computer????) She is super spiritual. I am at my desk and tried to look for a funny book within reach - you know to make it more interesting. All I found was a book that my husband has been reading. So here it goes:
The book: Twelve Ordinary Men
Page #: 123
Sentence: #5 reads: "Here we see the classic tension between sovereign election and human choice."
Translation: Can't really say...a sentence taken out of context is hard to disect. However, at least I followed the rules! (Jen will love me for that little ditty!)

I tag:
Deby (you couldn't escape)
Lisa (with pink cat)
all the rest . . . Jenny already got you!