Friday, January 30, 2009

Cookie Colorin'

Hmmm .... why does Chloe have TWO bottles here???

Our church on occasion has left overs from the local stores that are no longer wanted to sell. It just so happened that after Christmas were these cookie decorating kits. I grabbed a couple of boxes. The kids enjoyed an afternoon of coloring these cookies. The cookies already had a print of the characters off of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer claymation on them. They used these food coloring markers to color them in. I saved those markers - I thought they were really neat. The kids had so much fun decorating the cookies. As far as taste is concerned: well - even the kids thought they were a bit too sweet and not so good tasting. Needless to say we still have them in little baggies in the pantry. They will probably turn into bird feedin' food. Oh well . . . it was a good time had by all.


Hazel Eye Beauty said...

uh, we got one of those kits too! It was a fun project for them, but lets just say they were gross! So they got tossed in the trash. It was a really neat idea. Maybe next year we can buy one in the first part of the season, and maybe they will taste better!

Jenny B. said...

Looks like fun and a great idea!