Monday, January 12, 2009

A Piece O' Work

That is what I am - a work in progress. I am thankful for it and pray that it never ceases to be the case. The Lord has truly touched my heart in a way that I cannot fully describe. He often does that when there is a hush in my life and a moment or two to reflect on His goodness. Lately, He has allowed me to witness those who are truly wise. He has shown me their attributes of which are godly - and worthy to be emulated. It isn't the man (or woman) but Christ through these vessels that is truly radiant. I hope, I yearn to be that person. To be one of which is influential for the cause of Christ without any atta boys (or girls). To be humble, yet distinct in wisdom while radiating truth to those who are around you. Think of the most wise people that you may know. Is their wisdom evident to many? Do they hold much influence affecting others for what matters eternally? Yet, I would question you further and ask is this a trait that they themselves perpetuate or is this something that is manifested to those around them? This is not something that many Christians exercise - a humble wisdom.

I simply desire this - to serve my Lord - honestly, wholeheartedly, purely. I am still just a broken vessel - but He can still radiate from within. I pray that He will always radiate, through me, through Phillip, and through my children. For we, that is my family, is nothing without the hand of God. I - am nothing - without Christ's work within my heart - within my life.


Anonymous said...

Charrissa, thank you for sharing your heart. This is my desire too, for me and my family. You and Philip and your precious children are such a blessing and encouragement to me and my family, of a loving husband and wife and sweet children. We appreciate you. Praying for your family as Philip is away for work.
Love, Teresa Olsen

~~Deby said...

I so agree with this. Jesus shining through nothing more, nothing less, more of HIM, less of me....oh to realize on a moment by moment basis, that my flesh, my self is and has been nailed to the cross.....the ugly old thing likes to raise up its head and then pride sets in, it ruins me......can ruin or diminish my testimony. I am reading a book by Paul Chappell right now that is so good and convicting...(ouch)....I recommended it on my blog today.
Jesus is coming, Charissa..Life is short...PRESS ON
Great post Charissa

Jenny said...

Oh, I love being around wise people - truly wise people, who are not so easily affected by the current world and circumstances of life. Wisdom is important to the Lord too, the Bible talks so much about it! Oh how I long to be wise in Christ. It's so beautiful to see *Christ* shining through people... there are a few people who I talk to in life in whom I always see Christ more than they, and who always draw me closer to God, just with their conversation. I leave their presence refreshed and encouraged. I am so glad that God offers his wisdom to us so freely -- we must simply ask! I shall pray and seek for more today. I *never* post about spiritual matters...but they are such a part of our lives... perhaps I will rethink that.

Anonymous said...

It is so awesome to see in God's Word that if we simply ask for wisdom, that He is so willing to give it. Of course the beginning of this, God says is the fear of the Lord. It also says: happy is the man that findeth wisdom. I for one am striving for that! It is my desire to be that wise woman, and to pass this along to my children. Thank you for sharing your heart. I am praying for you and if you need anything at all, please call!!!! Love ya!

~Emily H.