Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Time Surfing

It has been a very busy couple of weeks. The weekend before last we were at a beach we had never been - I will post pictures of that time during another post. This last weekend we went to our favorite little beach that we usually go to - and Isaac went surfing for the first time! What a momentous occasion! We also took a young man that is a youth at our church. He had been wanting Phillip to teach him how to surf as well. They both had a WONDERFUL time. The weather was awesome! The surf was okay for beginners. The other kiddos had such a great time looking for sand dollars and building forts. You can see Gabriel poking his head out of the fort. We just loved it. I think Phillip also really enjoyed himself.

I have soooo many pictures, but so little time - I would like to try and get some more images uploaded - we will see.
For those of you who know my dear friend Amanda - she has started a blog. You can link to it from my sidebar in the spot entitled "Other Blogs I Enjoy". Leave her a welcoming comment. She would love that.


Tom and April said...

Awe I love the one of the boys walking to the water with their boards. It looks like so much fun! So excited to see the rest of the pics!!

Jenny B. said...

Awesome, looks likeyou had a great time! What a fun thing for Isaac!

Jenny said...

Awesome! Josiah thinks it's SOOO cool what Isaac got to do! I have never been surfing before! Then again, I've hardly seen a real beach before, the kind that has waves and is not just an inlet. We should venture to this beach of yours someday. Love the fort photo too! What a fun time!